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Taking on the challenges of new materials!! New items of ceramics provide aid to developers Made of 99.99%-pure magnesium oxide, the products are high-purity ceramics with less impurity mixture.

Using as raw material PUREMAG®FNM-G, high-purity magnesium oxide it had developed on its own, Tateho Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. came up with saggers and crucibles of high-purity magnesium oxide.



With the highest melting point (3098K) among the oxides, Magnesium oxide excels in thermal conductivity (60W・m-1・K-1)and electric insulation (1014 Ω); this enables its use as a refractory under severe conditions.
In particular, magnesium oxide excels in corrosion resistance to molten metals is compatible with more metals than aluminum oxide is; these form features of magnesium oxide.
Additionally, the introduction of impurities from the crucible can be reduced by using a crucible made of magnesium oxide with 99.99% purity (hence fewer impurities).
Furthermore, as a substantia compacta it features impenetrability to vapor and the like.
*Tateho is glad to receive an order, even for a single item.


  • Crucibles used to melt metal (PZT)
  • Tools for furnaces to sinter ceramics (YBCO)

Chemical properties(Typecal)

Purity of MgO 99.95%

Physical properties(Typecal)

Bulk density (103kg・m-3) 3.34
Water absorption (%) 0.05
Three point bending strength(MPa) 216
Thermal expansion coefficient (10-6・K-1) 13.5
Thermal conductivity(W・m-1・K-1) 45.8
Specific heat(J・kg-1・K-1) 900

※The properties are the typical values and not a guaranteed values.

High purity magnesium oxide sagger TATECERA CMGHS

In addition, we are ready to discuss size requirements.

Standard size
W1(mm) 177
W2(mm) 125
H(mm) 67
T(mm) 6


※We are ready to discuss prices vis-a-vis quantity and size.

High purity magnesium oxider clucible TATECERA CMGHC

In addition, we are ready to discuss size requirements.

Typical size
Type1 Type2
OD(mm) 52 42
ID(mm) 46 36
H(mm) 80 33


※We are ready to discuss prices vis-a-vis quantity and size.



Tateho Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd.

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  • Number of Employees : Approx.270
  • Establishment : 1966

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"Tateho's vision of creating new environment-friendly materials"

Tateho Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. was born in the town of Ako--an area blessed with a warm climate and the abundant marine resources of the Inland Sea of Japan.
The history of the salt industry in Ako is long--dating back nearly 1300 years to the Nara period.
In 1966, Tateho was established as a group of engineers seeking to provide new materials widely useful for society by putting this inherited, time-honored wisdom into full use, and by effectively utilizing bittern, a substance left after separating salt from seawater.
Since then, we have continued to provide the world with highly functional products--including magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, electrofused magnesium oxide, single crystal magnesium oxide, flame retardants, and ceramics--by expanding our businesses on the basis of our proprietary crystallization control technology.
We are committed to contributing to industry worldwide under the slogan of "Aiming to be a development-oriented company friendly to the natural environment and leading the world with proprietary technologies" by continuously adhering to our environmental policy and further improving our proprietary technologies.