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Fine Powder Created from the Sea

Magnesium hydroxide for industries MAGSTAR®


Tateho Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. produce the magnesium hydroxide by using the accumulated original technology that is quality governing and crystal growth from a variety of raw materials.
We produce the magnesium hydroxide “MAGSTAR® series” that has the composition so that we may satisfy a wide demand of the customer.

Feature and usage of grade

Grade Feature Usage
MAGSTAR® #20 This is a grade that has the highest general versatility in magnesium hydroxide for industries.
This is a standard grade of the MAGSTAR® series
  • Additive for plastics
  • Sintering additive for ceramics
  • Raw materials for ceramics
MAGSTAR® #5 The sulfur content of this grade is higher than MAGSTAR®#20 grade.
The chlorine content of this grade is lower than MAGSTAR®#20 grade.
  • Additive for heavy oils
  • Raw materials for fireproof mortars
  • Additive for paints
MAGSTAR® #4 In addition, the chlorine content of this grade is lower than MAGSTAR®#5 grade.
This grade is the most suitable for the usage in which chlorine should be limited.
  • Raw materials for Surface treatment agents
  • Additive for heavy oils

Chemical Properties (Typical)

#20 #5 #4
Mg(OH)2 (%) 99.3 99.1 99.1
CaO (%) 0.27 0.24 0.21
SiO2 (%) 0.08 0.08 0.09
Cl (%) 0.18 0.05 0.02
SO3 (%) 0.09 0.42 0.51
Al2O3 (%) 0.03 0.03 0.03
Fe2O3 (%) 0.03 0.04 0.04
Water (%) 0.73 0.50 0.44
  • Chemical properties : X-ray fluorescence method

* Thel properties are the typical values and not the guaranteed values.



Tateho Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd.

  • Paid-up Capital : JPY 450 Million
  • Number of Employees : Approx.270
  • Establishment : 1966

Received ISO9000, 14000

"Tateho's vision of creating new environment-friendly materials"

Tateho Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. was born in the town of Ako--an area blessed with a warm climate and the abundant marine resources of the Inland Sea of Japan.
The history of the salt industry in Ako is long--dating back nearly 1300 years to the Nara period.
In 1966, Tateho was established as a group of engineers seeking to provide new materials widely useful for society by putting this inherited, time-honored wisdom into full use, and by effectively utilizing bittern, a substance left after separating salt from seawater.
Since then, we have continued to provide the world with highly functional products--including magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, electrofused magnesium oxide, single crystal magnesium oxide, flame retardants, and ceramics--by expanding our businesses on the basis of our proprietary crystallization control technology.
We are committed to contributing to industry worldwide under the slogan of "Aiming to be a development-oriented company friendly to the natural environment and leading the world with proprietary technologies" by continuously adhering to our environmental policy and further improving our proprietary technologies.