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Slake-resistant calcium oxide This is a kind of calcium oxide whose slake-resistance is improved by means of the electrofusion method.

calcium oxide for industries

Using its unique electrofusing technology, Tateho Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. has succeeded in producing compact, high-purity calcium oxide by having lime crystal grains grow.
Our calcium oxide therefore has excellent slake-resistance.
In addition, its greater thermal shock resistance than that of magnesium oxide, enables use of our calcium oxide in long-life refractory lining and similar materials.
Recently, crucibles made from electrofused calcium oxide are used to melt special metals, such as titanium alloy, in order to remove impurities.

Features and usages

Features Usages
  • Composed of compact and homogeneous crystals, our calcium oxide has high slake resistance.
  • Our calcium oxide is a high-purity product.
  • Our calcium oxide has an impurity-removing flux effect.
  • Our calcium oxide excels in thermal shock resistance.
  • Raw material for steel-making refractories
  • Raw material for metal-melting crucibles
  • Flux material for ESR furnaces
  • Floor powder used in sintering electronic parts


CaO (%) 98.71
MgO (%) 0.41
SiO2 (%) 0.28
Al2O3 (%) 0.06
Fe2O3 (%) 0.02
Ig-loss 0.18
  • Chemical properties : X-ray fluorescence method

※The properties are the typical values and not guaranteed values.

particle size

  • 5 ~ 3mm
  • 3 ~ 1mm
  • 1 ~ 0.3mm
  • 0.3mm pass



Tateho Chemical Industries Co.,Ltd.

  • Paid-up Capital : JPY 450 Million
  • Number of Employees : Approx.270
  • Establishment : 1966

Received ISO9000, 14000

"Tateho's vision of creating new environment-friendly materials"

Tateho Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. was born in the town of Ako--an area blessed with a warm climate and the abundant marine resources of the Inland Sea of Japan.
The history of the salt industry in Ako is long--dating back nearly 1300 years to the Nara period.
In 1966, Tateho was established as a group of engineers seeking to provide new materials widely useful for society by putting this inherited, time-honored wisdom into full use, and by effectively utilizing bittern, a substance left after separating salt from seawater.
Since then, we have continued to provide the world with highly functional products--including magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, electrofused magnesium oxide, single crystal magnesium oxide, flame retardants, and ceramics--by expanding our businesses on the basis of our proprietary crystallization control technology.
We are committed to contributing to industry worldwide under the slogan of "Aiming to be a development-oriented company friendly to the natural environment and leading the world with proprietary technologies" by continuously adhering to our environmental policy and further improving our proprietary technologies.