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Powder of electro-fused zirconium dioxide, ZIRFUSE®︎


Electro-fused Zirconium Dioxide

Zirconium dioxide that has improved corrosion resistance to molten steel through use of the electro-fused method



Manufactured using our own electro-fused technology, the ZIRFUSE® zirconium dioxide is characterized by large crystal grains and excels in corrosion resistance to molten steel.
With low silica content, ZIRFUSE® exhibits less reactivity with electronic parts, and has such applications as floor plates used in sintering electronic parts.
Tateho offers unstabilized ZIRFUSE® FZ and partially stabilized ZIRFUSE® FZCA with calcium oxide added as stabilizer.
Tateho has a large assortment of products in various grain sizes, large and small, to respond readily to wide-ranging customer requirements.

Zirconium Dioxide Resistant to Molten Steel

1. It has a high melting point and resists high temperatures.
2. It exhibits excellent corrosion resistance to molten steel and slag.
3. It reacts less with various electronic parts raw materials.
4. It has low thermal conductivity.


• Raw materials for refractories used in continuous casting of steel
• Raw materials for underlay plates used in sintering electronic parts
• Underlay powder and filler used in sintering electronic parts
• Raw materials used in thermal spraying
• Raw materials for electronic parts, such as oxygen sensors

Chemical Composition (Typical)

Grades ZIRFUSE®️
ZrO2 + HfO2 98.91 94.97 73.2
CaO (%) 0.61 4.14 26.0
MgO (%) 0.16 0.16 0.19
SiO2 (%) 0.11 0.40 0.36
Fe2O3 (%) 0.10 0.20 0.19
Al2O3 (%) 0.03 0.03 0.02
TiO2 (%) 0.07 0.09 0.03
Remarks unstabilized zirconium dioxide partially stabilized zirconium dioxide Calcium zirconate

Chemical composition: X-ray fluorescence method
*The properties are the typical values and not the guaranteed values.

Particle Size

Grade ZIRFUSE®FZ-H (for underlay powder)
Particle size 35 ~ 80 mesh
80 mesh pass
100 ~ 200 mesh
150 ~ 250 mesh
Particle size grades #40 40 ~ 80 mesh
#100 100 ~ 200 mesh
#330 330 mesh pass


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