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Granules of electro-fused calcium oxide, CALFUSE® produced by Tateho Chemical︎


Electro-fused Calcium Oxide

Calcium oxide with slake-resistance improved by means of the electro-fused method.



Using its unique electro-fused technology, we have succeeded in producing the CALFUSE® compact, high-purity calcium oxide by inducing lime crystal grain growth.
CALFUSE® therefore has excellent slake-resistance. In addition, it has greater thermal shock resistance than that of magnesium oxide, enabling use of our calcium oxide in long-life refractory lining and similar materials.
Recently, crucibles made from electro-fused calcium oxide are used to melt special metals, such as titanium alloy, in order to remove impurities.

Slake - resistant calcium oxide

1. Composed of compact and homogeneous crystals, it has high slake resistance.
2. It is a high-purity product.
3. It has an impurity-removing flux effect.
4. It has an impurity-removing flux effect.


• Raw material for steel-making refractories
• Raw material for metal-melting crucibles
• Flux material for ESR furnaces
• Floor powder used in sintering electronic parts

Chemical Composition (Typical)

CaO (%) 98.71
MgO (%) 0.41
SiO2 (%) 0.28
Al2O3 (%) 0.06
Fe2O3 (%) 0.02
Ig-loss 0.18

Chemical properties: X-ray fluorescence method
Ig-loss: Loss on Ignition Test (Typical value of granularity of 3 to 1 mm)
*The properties are the typical values and not the guaranteed values.

Particle Size

5 ~ 3 mm
3 ~ 1 mm
1 ~ 0.3 mm
0.3 mm pass


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