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Crystal grains of Electro-fused magnesium oxide, DENMAG® produced by Tateho Chemical︎


Electro-Fused Magnesium Oxide

Tateho has improved the chemical stability and the electro insulating of DENMAG® the magnesium oxide by using the electro-fused method for the first time in Japan.



Magnesium oxide that advances together with industries

In 1960, Tateho succeeded in the industrialization of electro-fused magnesium oxide for the first time in Japan.
Since then, by gaining expertise in our original electro-fusing operations, high temperature burning and techniques for controlling fine particles, Tateho has continued to provide a steady supply of electro-fused magnesium oxide which is a high-quality and high-purity.
Tateho calls the magnesium oxide obtained by burning of the magnesium hydroxide at high temperature "heavy-burned magnesium oxide." Its crystal grain is large, and its stability is excellent.
Our electro-fused magnesium oxide is produced by crushing big crystals formed by electro-fusing method. So our electro-fused magnesium oxide is exceeds the specifications of heavy-burned magnesium oxide in chemical stability, moisture resistance and electrical insulation.
Electro-fused magnesium oxide is used for insulating fillers and refractories.

Features and Usages of Grades

Grades Features Usages
This grade has the highest purity among electro-fused magnesium oxides.
It is highly suitable for atomic energy usages in which reliability is essential.
• Electrical insulating materials for atomic energy usages
• Raw materials for high purity magnesium oxide ceramics
This grade has the largest particle size among electro-fused magnesium oxides.
It is suitable for refractory raw materials.
Raw materials for high-level basic refractories (MgO- carbon bricks, ramming mix, and continuous casting refractories)
This is a standard grade among electro fused magnesium oxides.
This grade has comparatively small particle size among electro-fused magnesium oxides. It is suitable for insulating materials.
• Electrical insulating materials
• Raw material for magnesium oxide ceramics
• Raw material for automotive brakes
The particle size of this grade is smaller than that of DENMAG® KMAO-H. This grade is suitable for usages in which packability is necessary. • Raw material for Insulators
• Raw material of magnesium oxide ceramics
• Raw material for automotive brakes

Chemical Composition (Typical)

Grades DENMAG®️
MgO (%) 99.8 99.1 99.2 99.3
CaO (%) 0.05 0.50 0.47 0.42
SiO2(%) 0.01 0.19 0.15 0.14
Al2O3(%) 0.02 0.04 0.04 0.04
Fe2O3(%) 0.02 0.07 0.06 0.06
B2O3(%) 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01

Chemical composition: X-ray fluorescence method
B2O3: ICP (Inductively coupled plasma) Optical Emission Spectroscopy
*The products of 200 mesh or lower contains some a lot of impurities.
*The properties are the typical values and not the guaranteed values.

Particle Size

・DENMAG®️SSP#3:100~200 mesh (150~75μm), 200 mesh pass (75μm pass)
・DENMAG®️KMA-X:5~3mm, 3~1mm, 1mm pass
・DENMAG®️KMAO-H:40~330 mesh (355~45μm), 50~200 mesh (300~75μm)
・DENMAG®️KMAOH-F:200 mesh pass (75μm pass), 330 mesh pass (45μm pass)


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