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Magnesium hydroxide for flame retardants, ECOMAG® produced by Tateho Chemical


Magnesium hydroxide for flame retardants

Magnesium hydroxide for flame retardant used for semiconductor encapsulant that we succeeded in pioneering development



Recently, plastic products are prevented from burning easily by the use of various flame retardants, due to demand for plastic products with flame resistance.
However, because environmental problems such as dioxin contamination have received news coverage, the use of harmful flame retardants is being limited.
Given this background, we have developed the ECOMAG® magnesium hydroxide flame retardant by making full use of our unique crystal control technology and composite technology.
While magnesium hydroxide-based refractory agents had been considered difficult to apply to semiconductor seal materials, in 1997, we succeeded in developing ECOMAG® Z-10 that can be used for such semiconductor seal materials.
Tateho offers the ECOMAG® Z-10 nontoxic and highly flame retardant filler that meets the demands of the times.

New environmentally-friendly materials

1. Special Shape

The ECOMAG® Z-10 has a special crystal shape, comprised of polyhedrons, allowing it to uniformly disperse into resin and not lose resinous fluidity.

2. High flame retardance

This grade has high flame resistance, due to its transition metal content.

Scanning electron microscope photograph of magnesium hydroxide for flame retardants, ECOMAG®Z-10


• Semiconductor seal materials

Powder Properties (Typical)

Grade ECOMAG®️Z-10
Median 50% particle size (10-6m) 1.2
Specific surface area (103m2/kg) 2.9
Absorbed Water (mass %) 0.2

*The properties are the typical values and not the guaranteed values.

Extracted Impurity (Typical)

Grade ECOMAG®️Z-10
Extracted Impurity
Na (mass ppm) < 1
K (mass ppm) < 1
Cl (mass ppm) < 1
EC (10-4S/m) 101
pH 9.6

• Extraction condition: 95℃ × 20 hrs in water
*The properties are the typical values and not the guaranteed values.

Flame Resistance Data (Typical)

UL-94 Vertical Burning Test

UL-94 Vertical Burning Test

・Resin:OCN 20 mass%
・Flame retardant:20 mass%
・Silica:60 mass%
・Test Piece:1/16”
*The properties are the typical values and not the guaranteed values.


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