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Powder of calcium sulfite, Q-ALU®️ produced by Tateho Chemical


Calcium Sulfite

Calcium sulfite with improved reactivity thanks to special particle shape



Tateho’s Q-ALU®️ calcium sulfite is characterized by a special particle shape that secures compatibility between high reactivity and ease of handling, with optimum conditions for removing residual free chlorine in tap water.
Q-ALU®️ is used as a water purification dechlorinator or a delayed reducing agent.
It is supplied in various granulation type products as well.

High-Reactivity Calcium Sulfite

1. With its complexly shaped particles, Q-ALU®️ has large specific surface areas, thus a high per-weight chlorine-treating capability.
2. The reduction of its specific surface areas after granulation can be suppressed, because of it’s large specific surface areas even though it's particle size is large.


• Dechlorinator used in water purification units
• Delayed reducing agent

Chemical Composition (Typical)

Grades Q-ALU Z-50
Chemical composition (%) Assay (%) 94.1
Mg (%) 0.12
Cl (%) 0.09
Fe (%) 0.0003
As (%) 0.0001
Pb (%) 0.0001
Physical properties Specific surface area (103m2・kg-1) 4.1
Median 50% particle size (10-6m) 21.6

• Mg, Cl, Fe: X-ray fluorescence method
• As, Pb: ICP(Inductively coupled plasma) Optical Emission Spectroscopy
• Specific Surface Area: Gas adsorption method
• Particle Size: Laser diffraction scattering method
*The properties are the typical values and not the guaranteed values.

Q-ALU®️ Granulation Type Products

Q-ALU®️ ST-10
Granulation type products are also available; contact us for further information.
Not for use in drinking water applications.

Granules of calcium sulfite, Q-ALU®️ ST-10


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