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Tateho's plant. Production of magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide.
Tateho's plant. Production of magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide.

Chemical Products Division

Tateho manufactures MAGSTAR®, magnesium hydroxide mainly using bittern as a raw material from which salt has been removed from sea water. TATEHOMAG®, is obtained by burning magnesium hydroxide at low temperature.

TATEHOMAG® has fine particles and excellent reactivity, so it is used as a surface treatment agent and a ceramic raw material. In particular, our light burned MgO for Electrical Steel Sheet material is indispensable as an annealing separator coating for electrical steel sheets and has been described as “a magic powder”.

To respond to the world's demand to render plastic products flame-retardant without causing dioxin problems, we succeeded in developing ECOMAG®, high performance non-halogen flame retardant magnesium hydroxide that is changed physical properties by complexing Zn with Mg. We offer the highest class flame retardant to semiconductor encapsulant etc. which could not be used with conventional magnesium hydroxide.

In 2008, Tateho developed the high purity magnesium oxide PUREMAG® that contain not less than 99.99 percent. Tateho is the first manufacturer to industrialize ultra-high purity MgO exceeding 4N purity by precipitating from the liquid phase. As it hardly contains impurities, it is used for electronic materials and others that require high purity.

Hibikinada Plant in Kitakyushu-city which was opened in 2016, increased our supply capacity. Two production plants, Ako and Hibikinada ensure you a steady supply, even in the case of natural disasters.

Tateho's plant. Production of magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide.
2. electro-fused

Electro-fused Products Division

In 1960, Tateho succeeded in the industrialization of electro-fused MgO DENMAG® for the first time in Japan.

Today, Tateho is the only electro-fused MgO manufacturer in Japan. We supply highly crystalline fused magnesium oxide as a raw material for magnesia carbon brick for converter steam making.

We supply electro-fused MgO worldwide from Tateho Chemical Dalian Co. Ltd. in China, which was established to manufacture and distribute DENMAG® insulator material for heaters.

Forming large, single-crystal magnesium oxide had been considered difficult, given the material’s extremely high vapor pressure and the high melting point required. Yet, as a specialized manufacturer in magnesium oxide, in 1968, Tateho achieved the world’s first success in commercializing large single crystals by utilizing its proprietary electro-fused and crystallization technologies.

Today, we produce MIRACRYSTAR® the largest single crystal MgO in the world with a purity of more than 99.9 %. Our MgO single crystal is the industry standard which is widely used as a substrate for thin film of state-of-the-art materials such as high-temperature superconducting film, ferroelectric film for MRAM, diamond film, etc. We also manufacture high quality electro-fused calcium oxide CALFUSE®.

Production of electro-fused magnesium oxide
Production of magnesium oxide ceramic products
3. ceramic

Ceramics Division

Our ceramics "TATECERA®" is made by molding and firing MgO produced by us own as raw material.

It is rare of ceramic manufacturers which produce MgO ceramics through integrated production from raw materials to products. We take advantage of the merits of integrated production and are able to realize quality and stable supply.

TATECERA® has excellent insulating properties, heat resistance and thermal conductivity and are used extensively in industry as heater insulators, ranging from nuclear energy applications to heaters for general and industrial use, and as jigs for burning electronic components and crucibles for melting metals.

We supply ceramic products worldwide made by Tateho Ozark Technical Ceramics, Inc. which we established in Missouri, USA in 2015.

Production of magnesium oxide ceramic products
4. supplements

Supplements Division

Magnesium is a vital nutrient to build strong bones and teeth. Magnesium is essential for healthy biochemical reactions performed by enzymes, energy creation or to improve blood circulation.

Our expertise in production of magnesium, with fifty years of tradition, made it possible to develop water‐soluble magnesium supplement LIFEMAG® with easy dissolving in water and high absorptivity to the body. Tateho's supplement enables easy ingestion of magnesium, which is liable to be insufficient in daily life.

Magnesium supplement, LIFEMAG in a glass of water