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In 2002, Tateho Chemical obtained ISO-14001 certification of environmental management system and making an effort for environmental preservation to reduce the environmental load from our products and production processes.

As our middle-to-long-term target of global warming prevention, we are implementing activities to improve the efficiency at least 1% every year on average.

We have achieved and continuing to achieve another target to recycle more than 99% of industrial waste produced by our facilities.

Environmental Policy of Tateho Group

■ Basic Philosophy
Tateho Group regards environment conservation as one of our management priorities, and is committed to reducing any negative environmental effects that might arise in the course of our business activities. We are also committed to providing environmentally friendly products, promoting environment conservation and pollution control, and contributing to the creation of a society where people and nature happily coexist.

■ Basic Policy
We strive to minimize environmental footprint of our operations throughout the Tateho Group, from research and development, manufacturing to the sales of magnesium compounds and related products. We promote environmental conservation and pollution control by measures against global warming, effective use of resources or reducing negative effects of chemical materials.

We identify the local and global environmental effects of our business operation, and establish our own programs related to our businesses to promote environmental conservation.

1. We strive to disclose information on the environment and aim to realize a better global environment by developing and providing products that take environmental, safety and quality into consideration through active communication with stakeholders.
2. We inform each employee of the environmental policy, the implementation plan and results, and strive to improve “environmental quality” considering environmental problems in each position. Also open to the public widely.
3. Expanding the circle of social contribution through participation and support in activities, events, communities, other related organizations, etc.
4. We strive to continually improve the environmental impact through compliance with environment-related laws and regulations and agreements, as well as voluntary efforts.
5. In order to achieve the environmental policy, set goals and targets and execute them, review the environment policy regularly.


Our Commitment

In 1966, Tateho Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. was established in Banshu-Ako, an area which fronts the Seto Inland Sea. It has passed over 55 years since the company was established.

Our products such as magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, ceramics products etc. have long been patronized domestically and abroad.

We develop unique techniques by focusing on crystallization and by utilizing bittern that is a substance left after separating salt from seawater. Furthermore, we continue with our efforts to contribute to society with our research results. We steadily advance a system that can always supply a stable supply with the conviction that product manufacturing is important to deliver secure and safe quality.

In order to to fulfill customer new demand, by our eagerness that we have had since our founding, we will make further use of our unique techniques that call upon a great amount of expertise of all members. We are cheerful, hopeful and full of spirit to challenge new obstacles and we will continue to expand globally and aim to be the top in our industry. Furthermore, we value our bond with society and continue to work together with our roots in the local community.

President and CEO of Tateho Chemical

Hirofumi Kurisu


ISO-14001 Certified

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Tateho Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
Certificate No.:00441-2002-AE-KOB-RvA
Initial Certification date: March 7, 2002
This certificate is valid for the following product or service ranges:
Design, Development and Manufacture of Electro Fused Magnesia, Electro Fused Zirconia, Electro Fused Calcia, and Magnesia, Magnesium Hydroxide and ceramic moulding products.
*Ako Plant, Une Plant, Hibikinada Plant