work-life balance work-life balance

Work-Life Balance

work-life balance

Tateho Chemical is committed in improving the working environment
to support employees in the best possible way in the compatibility of
work and private life.

Action Plan

Tateho Chemical has announced following action plan to realize the purposes of the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising the Next Generation Children.
April 1. 2017
Tateho Chemical implemented an action plan to create an environment in which each employee can balance work and childcare and fully demonstrate their abilities.
To address the diverse needs of our employees, Tateho Chemical is committed to promote flexible working conditions.

1. Planning Period:
April 1. 2017- March 31. 2020

2. Detail

Target 1: Expanding the use of accumulated paid leave.

Programs starting April 2017
• Examination of the current rules and the use of accumulated paid leave.
• The rules will be revised after consultation.
• We inform our employees about the new rules.

Target 2: Encouraging employees to take annual paid leave.

Programs starting April 2017
• Fact-finding survey on the actual use of paid leave.
• We make a plan to encourage employees to use paid leave.
• We inform our employees about the plan.

Target 3: Supporting employees to return to work after childcare leave.

Programs starting April 2017
Review our childcare and maternity programs to ensure better support systems for our employees.
• The outcome of the consultations will be documented.
• Our employees will be informed of the reviewed information.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Tateho Group believes that the health of our employees are crucial to our success.
We offer a range of supports, so that each employee can fully demonstrate their abilities.

Paid Leave

● Annual Paid Leave
● We encourage our employees to take more than 1 day of paid leave.
● Acquisition rate of paid leave: 73%

Half-day paid leave
Our half-day paid off program offers our employees flexibility for individual lifestyles.

Accumulated paid leave
Unused paid leave days can be carried over to the next year.

paid leave

Childcare Leave

This system allows our employees to take maternity leave and childcare leave until the day the child turns two.
We offer the option of reduced working hours after childcare leave to support them returning to work.
● Acquisition rate of childcare leave among female employees in the last five years: 100%

childcare leave

Nursing Care Leave

For the employees who have eldercare responsibilities, we provide support by offering nursing care leave, so that they can concentrate on familycare.
We offer the option of reduced working hours after nursing care leave as well.

nursing care leave