Article published in Applied Surface Science, Vol.573.


Article published in Applied Surface Science, Vol.573.

Our engineer's academic paper has been accepted for publication in Applied Surface Science (Vol. 573).

This paper is the result of joint research with Professor Nishina of Research Core for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Okayama University.

Magnesium oxide has high thermal conductivity and is considered to be a promising next- generation thermally conductive filler, but readily hydrates with water or moisture. In this study, we focused on graphene oxide and found that uniform coating of magnesium oxide surface with this material can provide excellent moisture resistance.

The graphene oxide on the surface of magnesium oxide becomes reduced graphene oxide by heat treatment, and this magnesium oxide-reduced graphene oxide composite is expected to be applied as a next-generation filler with high moisture resistance and high thermal conductivity.

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A. Saito, S. Obata, Y. Nishina, Appl. Surf. Sci. 573 (2022) 151483, Uniform coating of magnesium oxide crystal with reduced graphene oxide achieves moisture barrier performance,

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