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As introduced in the product page, we have developed the CHARGEMAG® magnesium hydroxide thermal storage medium that enables thermal storage at 300°C, through a collaborative research with Mr. Ryu, an associate professor of Chiba University.
With CHARGEMAG®, we can effectively utilize waste heat of around 300°C that could not be used before.
Here, we again describe in detail the case of a cogeneration system using CHARGEMAG®.

Outline of Chemical Thermal Storage

It is said that unutilized waste heat generated from Japanese manufacturing industry is 1,138 PJ / year. It is about 9% of final energy consumption in Japan.
In order to save energy in entire Japan, an effective use of this unutilized waste heat is expected, but there are many issues relating to distance and time.
We need to develop innovative technologies.


In such a situation, our CHARGEMAG® is available.
First, by contact with factory waste heat, magnesium hydroxide (CHARGEMAG®) is converted to magnesium oxide then stores heat within itself.
Because CHARGEMAG® is a solid medium, it can be transported to a remote location.
By adding water to magnesium oxide (CHARGEMAG®), it converts to magnesium hydroxide again and radiates heat at the same time.
We can use this heat for air conditioning of building etc.

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We have developed the CHARGEMAG® PM-1 magnesium hydroxide thermal storage medium that enables thermal storage at 300 °C.


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