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Following IMPRES2019, at the INCHEM TOKYO (22nd November 2019), 37th Study Meeting of the Division of Energy Engineering, The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (25th November 2019) and at the 109th regular group meeting of Division of New Frontier Materials (29th November 2019), we gave a presentation entitled "Development for Practical Use of Magnesium Hydroxide for Chemical Heat Storage CHARGEMAG® PM-1” and attracted a lot of interest.

INCHEM TOKYO is a general exhibition that is held once every two years and deals with process industries, plant equipment, and engineering technology centering on the chemical industry.Division of Energy Engineering, The Society of Chemical Engineers is working to contribute to the future energy society by development of innovative thermal energy technologies.
Division of New Frontier Materials is one of the specialized division of Osaka Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology.

It not only exchanges and collects the latest technical information on advanced technologies and materials, but also provides a place for meeting needs and seeds.
At the lecture, we announced development for practical use of CHARGEMAG® PM-1, a magnesium hydroxide / water-based chemical heat storage material developed and sold by us.
CHARGEMAG® PM-1 is a product which has been succeeded in lowering the heat storage onset temperature and heat storage peak temperature by about 50°C than usual magnesium hydroxide by combining metal salts.

Introduced many technical knowledge and excellent heat storage performance obtained during product development.

The magnesium hydroxide / water-based chemical heat storage material we supply is highly expected as a material that has a high heat storage density, can store heat at around 300 °C, is safe and suitable for transportation, and can store heat semipermanently.

Chemical heat storage technology can save energy by effectively using unused waste heat from factories, and contribute to urban environments and energy policies by reducing oil consumption and realizing a low-carbon society.

We are also developing products whose storage temperature is even lower than that. Please contact us for more information.

INCHEM TOKYO (Dr. Ohtsuka, our senior engineer (LEFT))

INCHEM TOKYO (Dr. Ohtsuka, our senior engineer (LEFT))

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We have developed the CHARGEMAG® PM-1 magnesium hydroxide thermal storage medium that enables thermal storage at 300 °C.


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